I’m 26!

It’s my birthday! 

Today I’m 26 and I’m writing a blog to thank everyone who’s stuck around and read my work. And, I’m also taking this opportunity to share some of the exciting things I did when I was 25. Here we go!

Bridesmaids Boxes

Almost a year ago I asked my sisters and two of my closest friends to be my bridesmaids! I made them what I thought was a charming little box of goodies, and documented the process. Watch what I did and find out what I included in the below video:

Discovered great restaurants

It’s no secret that I used to be a fussy eater. I won’t shut up about it, to be honest. 

Lockdown and covid restrictions have eased more and more over the last year. As restaurants opened, we got to visit several that we were really excited about. From Brawsome Bagels to Panang, there was plenty to explore in the post pandemic Glasgow food scene.

Completed Nanowrimo 

Something else I never shut up about? Completing Nanowrimo. Fuck it, I challenged myself and achieved. I learned a lot about my WIP and my own writing behaviours. Everything gained from National Novel Writing Month have come to serve me well. 

Wrote some poetry

I wrote some poetry between August 2021 and August 2022. Like this poem. And this poem. And this one. 

Cooking bucket list

I haven’t completed my 2021 Cooking Bucket List, but I’m not done with it yet. There are still items on it that I’m particularly excited about making, like tiramisu. But I made a crackin’ lasagne, and I’ve went back to make vodka pasta several times since that first time I made it last July.

Perfected my cookie recipe

Through patience and a strong desire for good cookies, I have really got my cookie recipe down. I went a few weekends where I seemingly couldn’t stop making them. It’s been a minute, so I’ll probably have another batch ready to go soon.

BBC radio 2

Excitingly, I got to review Melissa Fu’s Peach Blossom Spring on the BBC 2 Radio Book Club earlier this year! BBC 2 sent me the book, which I really loved, and I was thrilled to be involved with the show. 

Shaped my blog 

Over the past couple of years I’ve been learning more about SEO and branding. From the start of this year, I’ve been putting more thought into how I shape my blog, and now I’m happy with the uniform style I’ve built. I find SEO to be a fascinating topic, and have been learning about tools and techniques that I have implemented to improve my little online space for books, food, and writing.

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