5 Glasgow restaurants I love

Glasgow’s food scene has an almost overwhelming amount to offer foodies. From more casual sit down eateries that specialise in classics and favourites, to experimental, avant garde restaurants that extend to diners experiences as well as meals. It can be hard to make the rounds, visiting each eatery and trying something new each time. It’s so easy to find something you love, and to fall into habit, revisiting favourites each time you head out.. 

When going out, I always try to make an effort to visit somewhere different, preferably locally owned and new, but it can be so easy to return to a brilliant meal, housed somewhere with a good atmosphere. This is a habit I have slid into somewhat – there’s just so many brilliant meals to return to, nevermind to try anew. 

So, I write hungrily: here are five restaurants I’d happily allow to enable my bad habits. I’d visit these places again and again and never feel the need to try something new.


Found on St Vincent Street, Panang opened last summer, and is the youngest sibling of other small plate restaurants Topolobamba and Chaakoo. I haven’t tried Topolobamba yet but Chaakoo is nothing short of excellent (more on this later).

Like its predecessors, Panang deals in small plates, but the newest installation on St Vincent St offers Thai food. 

The atmosphere has been lively every time I’ve been, with casually dressed and friendly waiters always buzzing around the place. Its lighting and decor give off stylish street vibes. They have a wide selection of Thai plates and cocktails, so there’s always plenty to pick from.

Dish I recommend: anytime I go to any Thai place, I’m always on the lookout for sweetcorn fritters. Panang’s sweetcorn fritters were always flavourful and extremely crispy, and served with a lovely sweet chilli sauce. On that note, their sweet chilli chicken plate is so spicy, but hard to stay away from. Finally, satay. A staple for me that I will get my hands on at any available opportunity. I loved their satay sauce, and tried it with their tender skewered beef.

Nippon Kitchen

I first tried Nippon Kitchen when I was still a fussy sod. I tried their chicken teriyaki, which I couldn’t finish because I was a weirdo who didn’t like good food yet. Nearly six years on, you couldn’t keep me away from their teriyaki! Their chicken is always crispy and well cooked, and their teriyaki sauce is just so lovely as well. 

The quality of food, drink, and atmosphere on offer at Nippon Kitchen is always superb, and price wise, is just so astonishingly reasonable. I am always looking for a reason to return to Nippon Kitchen.

I’ve got happy memories of visiting Nippon with friends and family, and I credit it as one of the Glasgow food joints that enabled me to broaden my horizons. 

Dish I recommend: chicken teriyaki, obviously. It’s my go to! But if you’re going for a full meal, I’d definitely start with their korroke, which is always sweet and mild and terrific, served with tonkatsu sauce and Japanese mayo, as well as one of their many sushi dishes. 

Bread Meats Bread

Another gem on St Vincent Street, Bread Meats Bread is an absolute classic in Glasgow. They offer a great sit in dining experience as well as takeaway via Deliveroo. 

When I went before, they offered a social eating experience, placing my sister and I on a bench with other happy diners. We had a brilliant casual night, having had a couple of cocktails beforehand as well. It’s casual and lively, and somewhere you need to try if you like a good burger.

Dish I recommend: poutine isn’t the easiest to find in Glasgow (feel free to prove me wrong!) so if you’re curious and would like to try it for the first time, I’d recommend Bread Meats Bread’s offering 

Thundercat Cafe

Another relatively new restaurant, Thundercat Cafe is situated on Miller Street and offers a very wide variety of American plates such as burgers and deep dish pizzas. I’ve only been here once, and boy was it hard to not overeat; not just because the portion sizes are big enough to murder a small child with, but because everything I ate was just really tasty. 

During my visit I tried a cheese and bacon smash burger which was of course massive but very delicious. Along with that I had salt and chilli crinkle cut chips, and a friend and I shared buffalo chicken tator tots (madness!). 

As much as I loved my visit here, I cannot stress this enough: order to share!! Order to share! Do not attempt all to tackle these sides solo! You will give yourself tummy ache!

Dish I recommend: while all the food was amazing, the thing I remember the most fondly was the Solero hardshake I got. Just like with their food, the portion was mahoosive, but I could not complain at all. Of course this is tragic because it DOES NOT taste like there’s alcohol in this summer flavoured milkshake, but there certainly is. I intend on returning to Thundercat, and when I do, there better be a Solero hardshake waiting for me. 

Wilson St Pantry

Looking for a hip brunchy spot? Look no further than Wilson St Pantry, found on, funnily enough, Wilson Street in the Merchant City. Visit on a sunny day and eat your breakfast in the light next to their floor to ceiling length windows, or enjoy it outside in the rare Glasgow heat. 

Dish I recommend: honestly pay heed to the specials. They always have something interesting going in terms of food and drink. Last time I went ahead of my graduation, I had major regret as I didn’t read their coffee specials before ordering my classic flat white. They had some magical cinnamon concoction on offer, and it sounded so amazing! I sincerely wish I had read the specials menu before ordering.

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