Food review: Brawsome Bagels – Partick

Auspicious day! I was so happy to find that the day I’d booked off work also happened to be the day that Partick’s new bagel purveyor opened. I already had plans to be in Glasgow on the 28th of July, but I’d been looking forward to some fresh bagels for so long that I decided to come in hours before I was originally meant to and travel to the West End before I had to be in Central.

Located 292 Dumbarton Road

The journey and lingering threat of rain was worth it. For opening, Brawsome Bagels was punting free bagels with every drink purchased. I treated myself to a flat white and a rhubarb flavoured soft drink and was rewarded with an everything bagel!

Everything bagel, flat white, Bon Accord rhubarb soda

From what I overheard, Brawsome won’t be offering filled bagels until Saturday (I’ll be back) but I was more than happy to indulge in some bread. Over text, my partner seemed a little perplexed because I was just chilling in Mansfield Park with a dry bagel, but I was far from disappointed. 

Since it was my first visit, I opted for the everything bagel. Makes sense. It looked gorgeous and was such a great shape – so much surface area for fillings. The bread wasn’t gummy or dry, it was so light and tasty! I loved the loud sesame flavours on the top, one of my favourites. 

The staff were all so friendly. Murmurings told me that they were having a busy and successful first day. The atmosphere was warm and welcoming, and I was so thrilled to be there! 

I only realised after I left that they were selling fresh, homemade, fruity iced tea and kicked myself for not trying some. But my coffee was so tasty, so I can’t say I feel like a loser here. 

Needless to say, I will absolutely be back again soon to explore the selection of fillings they’ll be offering, and I’ll definitely be picking up a cup of their iced tea. 

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