What’s in my continue watching? Challenge type thing

I’m pretty bored. Let’s do a blogger challenge type thing.

How long is your Continued Watching list on Netflix? Is it made up of one TV show you haven’t finished yet, or perhaps one movie you didn’t finish watching? Or is it endless? Is it full of bullshit you started watching one day who knows how long ago?

In any case, I think one’s Continued Watching list can be quite telling. Mines certainly is. Perhaps a neat and short Continued Watching tells the story of someone who is very organised, or has a good sense of commitment: they can pick a show to stick to and see it through to the end before starting something new. Perhaps someone who has an extremely long Continue Watching list containing shows and movies they haven’t touched in months are Messy Bitches.

To add to that, I think you can find some real gold in Continue Watching lists; like really bad TV shows that are guilty pleasures and things like that.

So, without further ado, here is my embarrassing Continued Watching list on Netflix!


courtesy of official Reign Facebook page

I’ve watched Reign from start to finish like, a million different times. It is for sure one of my most favourite ever TV shows. It’s got everything I want! An enchanting story about kings and queens with spicy, scandalous romances and really amazing fashion. I admit, it’s a pretty bad show and the last season really let it down (due to what I think was an unplanned cancellation). Aside from a bad last season, it’s super cheesy and bad sometimes but so strangely mesmerising and addictive.

Currently, I’m rewartching season two.

Hell’s Kitchen

courtesy of Hell’s Kitchen official Facebook page

I! Love! Gordon! Ramsay! He is one of my most favourite people in the world. I must admit, I didn’t add this to my list, my boyfriend did. But I do Watch Ramsay’s shows whenever they’re on TV. I love food, I love cooking and I love big loud sweary words. Gordon Ramsay supplies them all.

We’re watching season 14 of Hell’s Kitchen.

The Haunting of Hill House

courtesy of the official the Haunting of Hill House Facebook page

Me and my boyfriend watched three episodes of this a little while ago and I was mad into it. He fell asleep but before he did he was really enjoying it too. I love the horror genre and I was so slow to watch this but I’m so happy I did because it’s not only great television, but it’s amazing horror.

Currently watching season 1, episode 3.


courtesy of the official Riverdale Facebook page

Riverdale is, as I’ve said before, the worst show that I will rush to watch every Thursday. I’m honestly extremely gutted that it’s not back until January as it’s on its mid season break. Season three has gone completely off the rails with cult shit and bogeymen and everything. I swear to god, I will eat up anything that the producers sling my way when it comes to Riverdale. It’s an addiction.

I’m all caught up with it!


courtesy of official Pocoyo Facebook page

Not my cup of tea, to be honest. My three year old cousin was sitting with me one day and I thought Reign was a bit too adult for her. She wanted me to stick on Pocoyo and I did. Whatever floats her boat, eh?


courtesy of official Maniac Facebook page

Maniac’s trailer got me good and I was really looking forward to watching it! Except, for some reason I thought it was a movie. I cleared out a bit of time to watch a movie but not enough time to watch all ten episodes of a TV series, so I haven’t. Need to get back on it soon, though. I’ve only heard good things and I’m super intrigued about it.

I’ve only seen episode 1.

The Big Bang Theory

Boom, there it is. My greatest shame. I have seen all of The Big Bang Theory and now it’s on my continued watching from the beginning, begging for more.

Admittedly, I watch this show to keep up with the really shit jokes and so I’m in the know about all the bullshit it’s pulling. I don’t like it. I think the jokes are super unfunny,the characters are extremely unlikable and all the relationships in it,romantic or otherwise, are toxic and unhealthy. This is a Bad Show but it makes good background noise for when I’m writing or doing something else. But it’s still on my Continued Watching list, and I’m still ashamed.

I’m on the pilot episode.

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