The Time We Spent Together

Let me tell you about all the things Amy and I have done.   Every day with Amy is an adventure – she just finds a way to make everything […]


I think the hallucinations started when I was around seven.   They were just little things, and when I told my parents about them they just said, “You’ve got a […]

Brown Eyes

I’ve loved this girl for a long time. Now, she’s got her hands on my shoulders and I’m staring into her eyes. As I do this, it feels like the […]

Hydraulic Press

It’s a shite night. Fuckin freezin oot here in the middle ay nowhere but it’s worth it, a know that. Definitely worth it, every fuckin time.   The warehooses shutter’s […]

12 Years of Decay

“Quack,” I giggled before I placed a small, duck shaped pill on my tongue. I sipped my juice, swallowed it. I felt it rock down my throat, a feeling I […]