Brown Eyes

I’ve loved this girl for a long time. Now, she’s got her hands on my shoulders and I’m staring into her eyes. As I do this, it feels like the world’s going in slow motion. I have as much time as I need to take every little particle of  detail in her eyes in; I can carefully examine it all.


What do I see? Well, these eyes a deep, deep brown. Almost black. Almost black, but there’s this warmth in them. It’s like standing up on top of a mountain in the middle of a night when the sky is the colour of coal, and looking way, way down and seeing the dancing flames of a small campfire – tiny and insignificant, but still somehow manages to illuminate the void.


Almond shaped with long lashes, her eyes are perfect. Her eye make-up is a bit smudged, however. The winged eyeliner is no longer sharped, but blurred, and her mascara has made her under eyes a little bit darker. I think that’s called panda eye?


Oh god, I see my future in these eyes. I see the rest of my life. How it will all end – I feel rapturous in seeing how it will all end, like this, with her so close to me. Her hands have gone cold on my shoulders. The cold spreads through me, sending shivers up my spine like electricity.


It’s weird, seeing her with brown eyes, instead of the blue they once were. They were blue like the sea, and I could swim in them for hours. She suits these warm, dark eyes, but it’s just weird.


What makes it doubly weird, is all my experience with TV and movies. It’s usually blue or grey or white in the movies. You know, when the dead decide they want to live again and rip out your guts with their bare hands.


Yeah, in every zombie movie or TV show I’ve seen, the dead’s eyes are normally dazzlingly bright and dead, and so light they’re almost blinding. But now that all of that has come to life, and I’m seeing this dead girl up close…you know, as I said, it’s just weird.

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