RePlayable: South Park: the Stick of Truth

I am so slow when it comes to getting and playing video games for two reasons: the first is that my only game console is an Xbox 360 (since my Nintendo DS broke 🙁 ) and the second is that games are often Very Expensive. For that reason, I only played ‘South Park: the Stick of Truth’ last year, three years after its release, for the first time.

            South Park has been my favourite TV show ever since I was like, seven. When my dad was working late and my sisters were asleep in their beds, my mum would let me stay up late and watch the show which, despite not getting the adult references and jokes, I always found hilarious anyway. I loved the characters and the episodes and everything about it, and I loved the privilege of getting to stay up to watch it.

            So,when I found out there was a game coming out, I was so disappointed because I knew I probably wouldn’t play it right away, or at all (to be honest, I’m not the biggest gamer about. I’ve been playing Skyrim on repeat since 2011 and that’s about it), but I watched YouTubers like Cryaotic play it!

            It was like watching an episode play out; the style of the game, the dialogue, the story; everything was taken straight from the show. When my family’s Xbox 360 came into my possession in 2017, the first game I bought from CEX was of course,the Stick of Truth. When I got home, I played it for hours, loving every minute of it!

            I mentioned that I’ve been playing ‘Skyrim’ on repeat for years so when the Stick of Truth was obviously loaded with references to my favourite RPG, I was even happier! A combination of two of my favourites? That’s good shit right there. I even got to play as a rogue, which is my favourite class to play in any game that I can.

            The Stick of Truth is action packed full of references to old episodes of the show to uncover and fun achievements to unlock, which makes it worth going back to play for a second time when you’re done the main quest line. Starting a new game can allow you to get an achievement by naming your character Douchebag when prompted to name him, for example. That’s why I went back to play it recently –to collect as many achievements as I could! Unfortunately, due to a scratch on my disc, my game is no longer playable past a certain part of the final leg of the main quest. 🙁

            One thing I can complain about the game is that, after the main quest line is finished, it’s a bit boring. With the town of South Park at peace with all the Nazi zombies dead and all the Elves that would have attacked you now friendly NPC’s, it lacked a bit of edge and fullness it had previously. There’s still tonnes of fun side quests to do, like fighting Al Gore and finding Jesus, but it feels a bit empty without the main questline. If you play it, consider stretching out the main quest for as long as possible while you do side quests,or just fuckin’ replay it when you’re done, like I did.

            During my second play through, I really mixed up my play style and customised my weapons and armour as much as I could, which I didn’t do during my first playthrough. Regularly doing this makes your character Super Powerful and the way your attacks play out when customised are so fun and so satisfying.

            The sheer amount of fun you get to have while playing the main game along with how it’s a bit crap afterwards contributes to what makes this game so replayable. I’m probably going to end up getting a nice, new(ish) copy of the game and play it again, to be honest. I’ll probably (hopefully) end up playing the Fractured But Whole (the Stick of Truth’s sequel) on my boyfriends’ PS4 too.

            Overall,I’d probably rate this game like, 8.5 out of 10. Like, I really fucking loved it. I crazy loved it. Strong recommend.

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