October is my favourite month of the year – I love the autumnal vibes of leaves turning red and brown and yellow, falling from the branches and crunching under my feet. I love cosy nights in as it gets dark and cold outside, with lit candles and warm blankets. I love the run up to Halloween and how the world seems to start settling again after experiencing September, AKA one of the two Monadys of the year (the other being January, obviously).

If you’ve stuck with my blog all month, I have to thank you for reading! Every view, read, comment and share help me monumentally in building my platform and growing as a writer. If you’ve missed anything this month, here’s what you need to see:

https://hol7ly.co.uk/movie-review-ready-or-notFRIDAY, OCTOBER 2NDReady or Not Review

Here’s a short piece sharing my thoughts on the amazing 2019 horror, Ready or Not.

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 9TH I’ll Give You the Sun review

Here’s a short piece sharing my thoughts on the very bright and wholesome YA Novel by Jandy Nelson, I’ll Give You the Sun.

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 16TH Onward reivew

Here’s a short piece sharing my thoughts on Pixar’s latest animated adventure, Onward.

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 23RD Flowers for Carol, poem.

This is a poem I wrote inspired by my favourite podcast, Dungeons and Daddies.

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 30THHorror Recommendations Master list

Here’s some of my favourite spooky and scary books, films, short stories and TV shows – in case your in need of something to do on Halloween!

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