Henna Brows at TLC

As someone who didn’t know that eyebrows were a part of the face people put makeup on until I was 18, I am perplexed and amazed by all the different ways brows are done these days. In fact, I’m obsessed. I’ll watch an eyebrow tutorial the way arty folk may watch speed painting videos.

            I didn’t even get my eyebrows done for the first time until I was 20. Before that, I was filling in lumpy brows badly. Now I get a waxing and tinting once a month and frankly, it can be frustrating. The shape of my brows varies from eyebrow tech to eyebrow tech and I find tinting doesn’t last so long.

my natural brows

            That’s why I was really happy to be invited by TLC in Battlefield, Glasgow, to try out their new Henna brow treatment. Getting a Henna treatment on your brows will stain the skin beneath the hair which creates a semi-permanent tint which lasts far longer than traditional tinting. As someone who is really sick of having really pale, practically non-existent natural brows, I was excited for a long lasting natural brow.

            I received my treatment a few weeks ago and am happy to report that my brows have lasted! The tint on my skin faded after a week, as I was told it would, but lasted on my eyebrow hairs for weeks, so they’re still prominent without filling them in.

            At TLC, I enjoyed a thoroughly thoughtful treatment: staff took good care of me, performing a patch test two days before I was due to get my Henna done. Then, staff worked carefully with me and were very comprehensive when it came to getting the exact right colour for my brows and talked me through every step. Jackie, who did my Henna for me, was so well informed and clearly had good training behind her. She knew what she was doing, despite the treatment being new to the salon.

            My treatment started with shampooing my eyebrows (I’d never had my brows shampooed before, this was luxurious), then Jackie drew on the shape of my brows with a soft, white pencil. The colour was freshly mixed in front of me, and then the tint was applied. We jokes around and talked nonsense while we waited for the tint to set, then it was wiped off. My brows were then shaped by waxing so they were sleek and sharp.

            Owner Kim relishes thorough care of her clientele; I could tell by the way she spoke to me and her staff. She went through big efforts to make sure we were comfortable and that we knew exactly what was happening. She also was very sure to give me tips about taking care of my Henna brows after the treatment – she advised not wearing makeup around the brow area and basically not touching it.

            Kim also takes great pride in her Henna treatment being completely cruelty free and vegan, just like many of her other treatments. All of her waxing, tanning, massaging and facial products are completely organic, as well.

            I can’t recommend TLC in Battlefield enough and can’t wait to get back! I felt so well taken care of and loved my brows afterwards. It felt good knowing that I don’t have to draw on and shape my brows every day; getting to rock them without worry of smudging did wonders for me!

finished product!

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