Hello World!

Welcome to my website, and my first blog post!!


My name is Holly and upon publishing this I am 21 years old and studying English and Journalism & Creative writing at Strathclyde, but I’ve been writing basically my whole life. I’ve always been in to writing crazy short stories; I wrote an eight page epic about aliens when I was around nine that my classmates raved about for a bit.


When I was around ten or eleven, a substitute teacher we had tasked us with writing stories about what we’d be doing if we were at the Olympics that year. She wrote two little example stories and in one she used me as her character, and wrote me as a journalist covering the games. I loved the story! After that, I really started considering my future in journalism, which I’m happy to say I’ve been pursing on full speed for the last four years.


I spend a lot of time writing or thinking about what I’m going to write next, or at least I like to think I do. Really, Friends just got added to Netflix so that’s been preoccupying me a lot recently. Whoops.


Horror used to be the main thing I wrote, and I still write tonnes! But recently I’ve realised I CAN actually end a short story without some extreme spooky shit happening or everyone dying. I really love horror films, horror novels, all things scary, and naturally I’m a massive Halloweenie.


Recently I’ve gotten more and more into movies and that’s probably because a good few of my best friends are massive movie nerds. If you can’t beat em, join em. I’ve always been a massive bookworm and am currently reading a shit ton of random stuff for uni with varying levels of enjoyment. Recently I’ve liked all my Scottish stuff! Tonnes of Irvine Welsh and Hings by Chris McQueer was a fucking pleasure to read.


Arctic Monkeys are my favourite band (I GET TO SEE THEM IN JULY!!!!). Have been for ages, will be for ages more. The Big Moon is another really amazing band I like a lot! Also, I could listen to the entire Hamilton soundtrack on loop and never get tired of it.


I can’t wait to fill this website up with everything – from short stories and poetry to movie reviews and fun lifestyle articles. Thanks for reading and getting to know me – please, read on!


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