Game of Thrones season 8: most anticipated reunions

When HBO’s fantasy hit Game of Thrones comes to an end in just a few months, so will Jon and Dany’s sexy cruise ride and Jaime’s long ride North. When these journeys culminate, we’ll see a lot of characters return to Winterfell for the first time in perhaps years, or even see the Northern capital for the first time ever. As this happens, these survivors of the first seven seasons will meet new people and reunite with old enemies and friends alike, which will probably be the highlight of the season (according to me anyway). We’ve spent seven years getting to know all these characters and seeing who they love and hate, what they’ll fight and die for, and now we can put them all together in a big jar and shake them the fuck up just to see what happens. Here are the eight reunions and first encounters I’m looking forward to seeing the most:


Bran and Anyone

Who cares?

Jon and Sam

The Boys in Black are back! The best friends who swore to be virgins forever but turned into some of the biggest shaggers who are still alive are going to make a triumphant return and probably do a big, happy bear hug! Maybe a bro fist, a sweet high five perhaps too. They’ll do that coy smile at each other which will act as a subtly way to convey, “oh, boy! You don’t even know what I’ve seen!” Sam will be like, “I stole shit from my dad and bailed from the Citadel because they were so sexist and hated my baby!” and Jon will just be like, “sweet! I died!” Sam will be like “haha cool bro” but then when he sees Gilly he’ll sigh heavily and ask her why he always has to do one better than him. Can’t wait!

Arya and Jon

Had Arya’s character not changed so much, this would have ranked higher. Jon was one of the only people who showed faith in Arya’s childhood dream of being a great fighter – he encouraged her by gifting to her our favourite character, Needle, and taught her first lesson: stick ‘em with the pointy end. She thanked him with the goofiest, loveliest, biggest hug I ever did see while they both sadly smiled as they both said goodbye.

Of course, both characters have developed over 7 years. Jon died so he’s a bit dour faced these days (maybe some bomb pussy will have cheered him up?) and Arya went on an adventure to Bravos that didn’t go as well as she hoped it would, and is now a bit 2edgy4me? Arya has changed a bit and I’m not the biggest fan of all her development which is why she and Jon’s reuniting isn’t higher on my list.

Jaime and Everyone

So. Here we are, planning two different massive battles: the living vs the dead and the North/everyone vs Cersei Lannister after they all realise that she isn’t going to stick by her word of peace with Jon & co. Everyone’s like, aaah we’re fucked, and then who should rock up?

It’s Jaime fuckin’ Lannister.

This blonde asshole shows up and of course everyone’s like AHH SHOOT HIM but this smooth mother fucker just calms everyone down with his charm.

He reunites with Tyrion and he’s like, maybe you had a point all those times you said Cersei was criminally insane? He reunites with Jon and apologises for giving him a square go every time they encountered each other in season one perhaps? Hell, he might even say he’s sorry for pushing Bran out that window when he was a little kid. Bran will probably say something weird but boring like “the raven told me you’d apologise.” That’s when Sansa rolls her eyes and explains (for the millionth time) that her little brother is a psychic or some shit and this old raven man let him see into the future and the past and everything. “Oh,” Jaime says. “Ok.”

Sansa and Jon


There’s a lot of love between Sansa and Jon but also a lot of tension. And now that it’s been absolutely confirmed that Sansa and Jon are only cousins as opposed to half siblings, the fans want them to FUUUCK. That shit is still gross though.

Jon left Winterfell in Sansa’s hands and from what we’ve seen; Sansa was a pretty good ruler. She accepted advice and divvied up responsibility reasonably, and sought to make sure that her people would be fed through the winter. I’m pretty sure Jon will return and be so proud of her, but what will she think? She might wonder why he’s brought home the first girl to flirt with him (since his ex died) and ask him why he would pledge their kingdom’s allegiance to a woman he barely knows?

We’ve seen Jon and Dany reunite/meet Sansa for the first time in season 8’s promo footage from the Golden Globes – Sansa tells Dany, “Winterfell is yours, your grace.” I get the feeling she’s got something hidden up her sleeve, and that she’s only passing on niceties for the sake of peace keeping.

Sansa & Arya and the Hound

The Hound loved the Stark girls separately in different ways – he was fiercely protective of both of them and pained to lose them both when he did. His love for Sansa may have been romantic but he definitely looked at Arya like he would have a daughter.

Sandor, the Big Man, will be so proud to see the dangerous little thing that Arya has become and I think he’ll admire the will and strength Sansa has developed, and will probably happily pledge his services to both of them as protector.

Arya talked a big game about wanting the Hound dead and hating him, but I bet that she’ll be so happy to see him again when he steps through the gates of Winterfell.

Sansa and Tyrion

Imagine this: a wry, kind of sarcastic but deep down affectionate greeting between Tyrion and Sansa: both wearing subtle smirks, he says, “wife,” with a curt nod. She bows her head and says, “Husband.”

Tyrion wanted to take care of Sansa and Sansa saw past the atrocities his family had done to hers and saw the good person he was and wanted to be. She fought for his good name when others belittled and demonised him to her, and he always kept her in his thoughts. Their relationship may not be romantic and may never will be but still there’s a lot of care there. I want to see these two characters catch up and work together and protect the realm and everything. I want Sansa to learn from Tyrion as she has now opened her eyes to all the sketchy players in the game, and understands that honour doesn’t always place when it comes to survival.


Gendry and Arya

Brienne and Tormund

Littlefinger’s ghost and Satan

Cersei and Sansa

Cersei and Wine

Sansa and Lemon Cakes

Sansa and Daenerys

I’m a Sansa Stan (a Stansa?) and I’m Proud Of It.

In season eight, I am looking forward to seeing Sansa grow more confident and powerful and learn more and more, but I worry season eight might see her death.

I mentioned before that Sansa seemed pretty shady (to me, anyway) when she greeted Dany in the Golden Globes footage. I don’t know what he has planned or what she might do, but it might cause her end if she crosses the wrong people.

Sansa has always been a big dreamer; she believed in noble princes and romance and honour. Unfortunately, she saw a lot of that crumble and was often left in the hands of those who have power over her, but not her best interests. Since like, season three, I wanted to see Sansa and Dany meet, and see Sansa find hope in a strong queen who could ensure the future Sansa dreamed of as a child. I really hope that Sansa and Dany’s meeting will go that way, and not the way of Sansa’s execution or something, but, come on. This is Game of Thrones. There’s no room for happy endings here.

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