Fun for the whole family! (except Colin Firth) – Thoughts on Mama Mia! Here We Go Again

As expected Mama Mia 2 was TONNES of fun set in a breath takingly beautiful place full of gorgeous folk! In comparison to its predecessor, I thought the singing and music was all much better and it was such a barrel of laughs and good times that I didn’t even really notice or care about the inconsistencies between this movie and the last one!

I didn’t really have a crush on Lily James before but I SURE AS HELL DO NOW. She was so great to watch in the sense that she’s a good and light-hearted actress, and also in that she is so beautiful and such a good singer; she’s angelic!


Because of James’ performance of free spirited, full of wanderlust young Donna, I thought the flashback scenes were really fun to watch. That said, I would have really liked it if the present-day scenes and the flashback scenes came together a little easier? I feel like Sophie or Sam would maybe say one random thing about young Donna and it would take us back to a somewhat relatable scene from her past, with the exception of Sam talking about one specific incident. This isn’t a complaint that makes it unwatchable, but it would have maybe been nice to have stories told or mementos scene in the present-day scenes to tie back to the past.

One other complaint was that they didn’t sing Lay Your Love on Me, which is my favourite ABBA song. I know they did it in the first movie but the repeated a few songs and Lay Your Love on Me is such a good one!! There were times where I was like, aw this would be a perfect transition into that song! And they just didn’t do it. Holly sad. This is a personal issue, though. I guess.

I really like Colin Firth. I think he’s like a little British teddy bear and I kind of want a Colin Firth teddy bear, to be honest. He can sit on my bed and make witty remarks as I spend my scheduled 14 hours a day procrastinating. Yeah, I love the Big C, but he looked like, consistently really sad in this movie. Even when he was smiling he looked MISERABLE. Even when he did the Titanic bit with Bill he looked like he was thinking about dead puppies! But in a way it actually really enhanced the comedic effect to me. I can really imagine a conversation on set where the directors like, “hey, hey Colin? Could you like, try to look a little happier for me bud?” and Colin’s just like, “But I’m smiling.” Then pulls off the wryest of smiles ever and the directors just like, “ok fair play fuck it.” Some boy.

So, most of the fun in the movie definitely comes from young Donna’s flashback scenes with the romantic storylines, the awkward young men and the elaborate song and dance numbers. Sophie’s present-day storyline, however, was crazy serious and was a little bit of a bummer, as she desperately tried to keep everything in check when it came to honouring her mother by rebuilding their hotel (Meryl Streep’s fucking DEED in this by the way). It got more light-hearted towards the end when Bill, Harry and Sky made their appearances, but we really did need to see Donna’s past to keep this movie in the fun spirit that the first one is remembered for.

Mama Mia! Here We Go Again was super enjoyable and a good laugh. When it comes out on DVD or to streaming services I’d really like to gather my best gal pals, drink some pink wine and sing and dance along with it, basic bitch style. Until then we’ll have to do just that with the original Mama Mia!.

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