Cooking bucket list #3 – Brigadeiros!

I bought the ingredients to make brigadeiros a few weeks ago, planning on making some the same day I made my strawberry cheesecake. Well, the cheesecake was an undertaking and it threw me into a three week long lazy spell so I just didn’t make the brigadeiros. I didn’t realise how easy they’d be!

The most difficult part of this recipe, if you’d call it difficult at all, is the fact that the condensed milk, butter, and chocolate mixture needs pretty intensive and constant stirring for ten minutes. That said, you do get a good arm workout out of this, even if it’s just one arm. 

Messing with caramel is always a perilous business and I’m not afraid to say that I did fear for my life – caramel burns can be fatal, after all. But the mixture of condensed milk, butter, and cocoa powder was relatively well behaved. Honestly, when this wasn’t a disaster, I was extremely pleasantly surprised. 

There’s not a whole lot to say about this one! It’s a very simple recipe. I’m sure you can fancy it up, and I’m sure there are more traditional recipes to follow that might require some more skill. Brigadeiros has a history that lies in political intrigue dating back to the 1940’s – women would make and bring them to show support for a political candidate. 

In the present, in Scotland, my partner and I had fun together rolling the chilled chocolate paste into balls, then coating them in sprinkles. Though these aren’t the type of truffles my gran makes, truffles do inherently remind me of my granny. I actually think I believe that her truffle recipe is so personal to her, that I wouldn’t want to try and recreate them myself! 

A word of warning: the second these are out of the pot, pour in some boiling water with dish soap, and let your crockery and utensils steep for a bit. This will be an absolute bastard to clean otherwise. 

These are effectively chewy caramel balls, and they are so delicious. Matt and I took our leftovers into our respective workplaces, where they didn’t stand a chance in hell. I think this recipe might be one where you get out of it what you put into it – I see a lot of room for applying creativity.

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