Cookie Clicker in2018 – 11/09/18

22 hours and 20 minutes ago I started a new Cookie Clicker game for the first time in like, I don’t know, probably a few months. Something always brings me back to it. I’ll be sitting around, doing fuck all, or something actually important, and a little squeaky voice in my head will say “hey bitch, you wanna click some cookies?” and I’m always like, hell yeah. So, I kept my game open and running yesterday while I worked, I kept it open while I dealt with uni stuff and I kept it open while I slept. Today I woke up to see I had a sweet 7.1 billion cookies in my game. Hell yeah!

According to Orteil’s (the creator of Cookie Clicker) tumblr, the game is now five years old! I remember being on tumblr myself when I was like, 16 and seeing someone playing the classic version of it so I did it myself and quickly got addicted. I was buying as many grandma’s as I could. The Big Update was released and as I said, I’m going back to it semi often. Every time I go back to it, I’m determined to prestige and prestige and gain all the achievements and have a literal fuck ton of cookies. Maybe I will this time. We’ll see.

cookie clicker classic

But soon I won’t have all the time in the world for Cookie Clicker as on Tuesday, the 17th of September, I’ll be starting my third year of university! I really can’t wait; I’ve been itching to get back for ages now. It’s been a looooooong summer and what with being skint and having a graduate boyfriend working a 9-5 and not being able to give me attention at all hours, I’ve been a bit bore at times. Despite the bored, I’ve done a fair bit of work, I’d like to think! I’ve made real progress in my book (which is now around 10 chapters from being complete), done a tonne of short stories and a bit of blog work. I went to the Netherlands and Belgium which, while not work related, was really fun! Despite all of that, I really can’t wait to get back to uni and have a sense of schedule and deadlines and things to really keep me going.

Me and Matt are now trying to get up at six each week day and today was the first 6am wake up for me and it went surprisingly well! We’re doing this because the only time he can really see himself having for the gym is before he goes to work at half eight, so I figured I’d be all supportive ‘n’ that by getting up with him. It is 7:32am at the time of this being written and after I finish my coffee and get changed, I’m going to go to the gym too. I’ve been slacking the past couple of weeks, but I really enjoy going so I’m going to do my best at going 3 days a week again. My plan is to do two days of cardio per week with one weights day in between for now.

my fav coffee mug :’)

This morning, in a panic that I had missed my alarm, I woke up at 5:57 and I was pretty gutted that I wouldn’t

nice stats (i have one shipment as well)

get time to get back to bed. I think I’ve been doing well though, since I haven’t fallen back asleep! Considering that I am strictly not a morning person, I must say that this is an achievement.

Back to the matter at hand though, I currently have 3.3billion cookies in my jar and I’m moving at a pace of 2.5million cookies per second. Pretty good for 22 hours of clicking, I hope. I’ll keep you updated.

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