Brainless in Seattle: Part one | Recap and Review

This week we got the third instalment of the CW’s fourth season of season four which acted very much as a lovely little rom com with some horrific undertones featuring a morbid serial killer!

In ‘Brainless in Seattle: Part One’ we saw the group all being pally together, having laughs, being funny and there was even a bloody fashion montage. It was really good fun and the funniest episode this season, no doubt.

Costuming looked particularly good as I noticed a definite change in Liv’s zombie wig; it looks less comic book-y, shifting a little away from its comic origins, but this new wig definitely looks better, more like actual real hair!

So, what actually happened this week? Let’s get into it.



After the death of young hopeless romantic Annie Wallace, Liv becomes obsessed with finding her soulmate in just about any pretty boy that says hello to her this week. She falls I love with Annie’s online boyfriend but quickly forgets him after finding and FRENCHING a zombie named Tim at the Scratching Post on Human and Zombie night. Also at the Post, she sees Dale, Clive’s lady love, kissing and getting awfully cosy with some rando. She is plagued with indecision and confusion, debating with herself whether or not she should actually tell Clive the truth of Dale’s infidelity or not.

After a couple of visions, Liv finds that Annie was snuck into Seattle with the help of a coyote called Bruce. When she and Clive find his possible lair, they find the remains of multiple bodies and realise that they are now dealing with a serial killer.

OH YEAH Liv TOTALLY does that “how’s your *pump pump* wife? *pump*” thing from Brooklyn 99 which was fucking hilarious and out of nowhere. Fuck yes.


Big boy’s back! This week we see Blaine be approached by Chase Graves, who gives him an offer he cannot refuse. Graves finds himself threatened by a mysterious group of people who want zombies to give their bodies to science led by a cayote who calls themselves Renegade (Renegade is the zombie who snuck a young sick boy out of New Seattle last week). Blaine enlists the help of a brain dealer for his restaurant to find Renegade, and when an informant is reluctant to talk, Blaine reveals that he is in the possession of the sixteen zombie cures that Ravi created and lost last season. He cures his informant and eats his brains in pursuit of Renegade.


Major kind of just chills this episode. He shows up and tells Graves about the accidental scratching and possible video of the whole incident being leaked online, then he acts shady to Liv and that’s basically it. He’s just liking his best life.

Peyton and Ravi

They’re definitely getting back together this season. There’s gonna be some Pavi shenanigans for sure. When Liv asks about Peyton’s beau Derek, she seems uninterested and bored. When Ravi is off dancing with tonnes of different girls, Peyton watches him and eventually joins in, steals him away and they have a great night together. When Liv says she thought Peyton and Ravi had true love together, however, Peyton says “definitely not.” Peyton disappears and comes back, telling Liv that she requested Liv’s favourite song and then, of all fucking songs, Space Jam starts playing. Fuck yes.

Before, Ravi, Peyton and Liv head out for some clubbing and Space Jamming, Ravi gets treated to a makeover montage where in which he dons the outfits of a rich country club boy, a handsome and suited man and even a 1950’s greaser.


Clive investigates Annie’s murder with little to go on. When we see him and Dale together, they seem drama free and happy, but as we saw at the Scratching Post, she’s cheating on him.

Last week we saw Clive and Dale discuss how to overcome their sexual let downs; she’s a zombie, he’s a human, so it’s unsafe for them to have sex. Clive starts taking anti-anxiety pills which have side effects of lowering libido. When Dale finds out he’s doing this, she has him stop and insists that they can find other ways to get past what they’re going through. Perhaps they’ve opened their relationship up so the two can still enjoy their emotional connection while fulfilling their needs? Let’s hope that Liv does the right thing and addresses the issue sooner than later so we can find out the truth about Dale’s affair.

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