Are you ready for some zombies? IZombie 4×01 review and recap

So, I just finally got around to watching the new episode of iZombie and it was really good! At the end of season 3 we saw the world become aware of the existence of zombies and now, three months later, just about every Seattleite has adjusted to the new day to day life of a post zombie city.

Last season we got to see a change in opening credits when Aly Michalka’s sassy district attorney Peyton became a starring character. This time, we’ve seen another change as Angus, Blaine’s father, looks to be making more of an appearance this season now that he’s out of the well. In the opening credits, we see him introduced as “the prophet.” He was broken out the well and has definitely gone bat shit crazy from his several months holiday in the deep dark hole.

This episode was really funny. Not all the way through, but when the few funny moments played I was laughing hard and rewinding to watch again. I won’t say what happened here to make me laugh, you should go enjoy that for yourself. The humour of medical examiner Ravi was a little off this episode, but that’s mostly because he had eaten a brain and was on a different personality this episode, so I’ll excuse it this time.

Performances were, as always, brilliant from every character, especially Rose McIver who I thought could sometimes be a bit lacking, but she was rocking it this time around.

As a season premiere, the episode did a great job of casually catching us up with what had happened between seasons three and four while introducing great new content. Unfortunately, Clive’s storyline in this episode wasn’t so neatly explained so I hope we see more of him next week.

The episode looked really good! Excellently shot and styled as always but colours and editing seemed sharper and cleaner as well.

I thoroughly enjoyed this episode and am watching it a second time while writing this. I’m looking forward to next week’s episode very much!

Now: let’s recap what happened.


Our murder victim this week was a Seahawks obsessed, zombie hating brain plant worker. When Liv eats his brain, she starts wearing Seahawks shirts and suddenly knows tonnes of trivia and we can tell that she’d fight any Seahawks haters to the death. Clive gets tired of this super-fast. They investigate the death, at first suspecting a co-worker of the vic who supported the 49ers, then a Filmore Graves soldier who the vic caught talking about selling brains on the black market, then finally the vic’s own son, to whom he was abusive after finding out he was a zombie. The vic’s wife finally admits to killing her husband to protect their son. By the way, that soldier is on Shakespearean brain when we meet him and we get a very lovely couple of iambic pentameter verses from him which was really funny, actually.

Blaine has been selling secrets and back alley gossip about shady zombie doings to Chase Graves; in exchange, Chase Graves allows Blaine’s own shady businesses to stay open. In his off time, Blaine is either at the Scratching Post, the new restaurant he has opened or at his fathers’ well, taunting him. That is until he pisses off an employee who then immediately goes and rescues Blaine’s father, Angus, from the well. As a thank you, the now mental, bearded and rotted Angus viciously kills Blaine’s employee. More on Angus shortly. Oh yeah, Blaine’s still seriously pining for Peyton.

Chase Graves is trying his best to control a shaken Seattle on the verge of civil war. As a warning to zombies who may try misbehaving, he has had a zombie guillotine made and placed near Seattle’s walls. He enlists Major with his experience in youth work to create a youth group of zombies to prevent the creation of any zombie street gangs.

Ravi, who was scratched by Liv at the end of season 3 after taking an anti-zombie vaccine, is experiencing a sort of zombie menstrual cycle. Every few weeks, he becomes a zombie for three days. He grows a little white stripe in his hair and craves brains. This time round, he’s eaten the brain of a very clever professor who really enjoys nudism. So, we see Ravi show up naked a good few times throughout the episode. Nice.

When we reunite with Peyton, we find her enjoying a dinner with Mayor Baracus, his lady friend and Peyton’s new boyfriend, a fellow lawyer who is pretty forgettable really. Maybe he’ll do something cool next week. Coming home from dinner with her new boyfriend, Peyton finds a red ‘Z’ painted on their front door. She warns Liv about it, and the Seahawks obsessed zombie has a revelation which leads her to solve the murder case of the week.

As for Clive…we don’t see much of him, except when he’s with Liv. He and Dale, his FBI former flame, exchange some looks that has us asking what’s transpired between the two of them, and it appears to be a new day at Seattle PD. Dale is now the head of the department and zombie officers are common and out in the open.

Okay so about Angus. He’s fucking crazy. He comes out of the well, preaching mostly nonsense and screaming back things that Blaine taunted him with. Like, he just screams “SHORT AND CURLIES” a couple of times. Anyway, he hobbles along and finds a zombie sermon kind of thing with a human preacher. He yells about wanting to start an army, kills the preacher and feeds the zombies in attendance of the sermon the brains. Looks like he might have an army in a few episodes. Who knows.


So, there’s what went down. It was a funny episode with tonnes of new and exciting content, and I can’t wait to see what else is in store this season!

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